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Browse through our selection of new, reliable and easy-to-operate mobility devices, including lightweight mobility scooters and innovative wheelchair power add-ons, to find the perfect vehicle to explore Valencia with ease.
Our Fleet
Top-Quality Mobility Devices for Your Convenience
At Rollin' Valencia, we understand the importance of having a reliable and easy-to-use mobility device during your travels. That's why we only offer the latest, most dependable mobility devices that are simple to operate and can be easily transported in a taxi or stored in a hotel room. Whether you're looking for a lightweight scooter, high-power scooter, handbike or a high-tech personal electric vehicle, we have the perfect device for you. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can rent with confidence and enjoy your travels to the fullest.
1.Wheelchair handbikes
Experience effortless mobility, increased travel distances, and a faster commute with our cutting-edge wheelchair handbikes, perfect for transforming your manual wheelchair into a personal electric vehicle that can be easily stored and transported.
UNAwheel Mini
The world's lightest wheelchair power add-on
Starting from 20 € / day
Experience the ultimate in mobility and convenience with the incredibly lightweight (just 5.3kg) UNAwheel Mini, transforming any manual wheelchair into a personal electric vehicle for exploring Valencia's city center, making it a unique choice for your travels.
UNAwheel Maxi
Powerful and long-range wheelchair power add-on
Starting from 20 € / day
Experience Valencia's cityscape without any limitations by renting the UNAwheel Maxi, the perfect solution for exploring the city with ease and comfort, offering enhanced power, comfort, and a 2x longer range for a smooth, uninterrupted journey.
2.Mobility scooters
For those who have mobility challenges, disabilities, or temporary injuries, or for older adults looking for a convenient way to explore Valencia, our mobility scooters offer the perfect solution.
EV Rider Gypsy or similar
Ultralight mobility scooters
Starting from 20 € / day
For those who require a lightweight and easy-to-transport mobility device, we offer the lightest mobility scooters on the market.
Apex Transformer or similar
Lightweight mobility scooters
Starting from 15 € / day
For those who require a little extra power and comfort, our lightweight foldable mobility scooter is the perfect solution.
ATTO Mobility Scooter or similar
High-power mobility scooters
Starting from 25 € / day
For those who demand the ultimate in power and comfort, our high-power foldable mobility scooter is the perfect choice.
Whill C2 wheelchair or similar
Special mobility scooters
Starting from 30 € / day
Step into the future of mobility with our state-of-the-art personal electric vehicles like the Whill C2 wheelchair.
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